Cauliflower Recipes

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I don’t know about you, but, unless I ‘doctor’ it up, I just can’t seem to enjoy steamed cauliflower. It’s kind of smelly (like cabbage), and the texture, well, my mouth just doesn’t care for it.

I love it raw on salads, or with a dip. Cooked, I can eat it smothered in cheese sauce, or as mashed potatoes (but even then I still have to add a couple of potatoes because of the texture), I just recently roasted some and oh my! There was a party going on in my mouth – it was delicious.

I’ve compiled a list of cauliflower recipes. Some I’ve tried, and some are on my “To Try” list. If you have a cauliflower recipe that you love and it’s not listed below – please, please, please share it with us in the comments section. 😀

To get the recipe for each photo, I’ve placed a link above the picture and the picture itself is also a link to that recipe.

Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower Pizza Crust
Cauliflower Recipes
Mashed CauliflowerCauliflower Recipes

Cheddar Cauliflower SoupCauliflower Recipes

Parmesan Cauliflower Tater TotsCauliflower Recipes

Savory Cauliflower CakeCauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower FrittersCauliflower Recipes

White GazpachoCauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower with Quick Cheese SauceCauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower RiceCauliflower Recipes

Breaded CauliflowerCauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower SaladCauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower TortillasCauliflower Recipes

Hummus Crusted Cauliflower SteaksCauliflower Recipes

Creamy Cauliflower SauceCauliflower Recipes

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