Free TV and Movies

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Free TV and Movies

I am sure some of you know about the availability of watching free tv and movies online but in case you weren’t aware, I wanted to give you a list of the other networks (and other web sites) out there where you can watch free tv and movies.

Just a word of caution about doing Google searches, you may find more out there than what I’ve listed – which is great, but if the site you go to requires you to download anything – beware that you could set your computer up for a world of spyware, viruses, etc.

NBC, offers the latest four episodes of almost each show they broadcast. Say you missed last weeks episode of Dateline – no worries! You can go to their web site to watch the full episode. Missed last night’s episode of your favorite show? They usually post them the next day, so check for it.

PBS – you will have to explore the site a bit, but here are a few programs you will find on the PBS: Antiques Roadshow, PBS Film Festival through the end of July there are 62 full length videos that you can watch and vote for, and clicking on Programs you’ll find a listing of the programs and how many videos each has available online.

ABC – confirm your location to see if the live stream is available in your area – it was not available in my area, and took me to watchabc page which states that you can view the ABC network live or on demand on various devices (phone, computer). If you sign in with a participating TV provider account you can start watching live to see the most recently aired episode of your fav ABC shows on demand. However if you don’t have a TV provider account you can still watch several episodes without signing in. But you’ll have to download the app in order to watch them: ABC Apps.

BravoTV – 6 shows available to watch, anywhere from 4 episodes to more than 12 (depending on the show). Then they offer more shows if you sign in with your tv provider login information.

Fox Full Episodes – episodes appear online 1 day after air date. If you have a tv provider login you’ll be able to watch certain shows the next day, folks without tv provider login will have to wait until that episode unlocks 8 days (or 30 days)later to watch that episode. But there are other episodes and series available to watch online. I counted 26 different television shows available to watch online.

CBS – 4-5 full episodes of a series latest season, available to view 1 to 8 days after its air date.

Sprint TV App – if you have a good data plan, you can watch television from your iOS and Android phones with instant access to channels like Bravo, USA, NBC News, adn Syfy.

You Tube 15 Movies that are available on YouTube Free

Crackle – registration required or sign-in with FB – too many to list (television and movies)

Snag Films – Free television shows online and 10,000 free movies, go here for—>>TV shows and here for a wide variety of —->>Categories.

Free TV Video Online, go here —>>TV Shows and scroll down to bottom half of page for television shows.

Online TV EZ – check out their recommended setup first —>> Setup.

Classic Television (oldies) – Find the Browse By Title A-Z to see what’s offered

Tubi TV – Free TV and Movies

Retrovision – you can select categories from the drop down menu on the left side of page

(*Don’t download anything to your computer from obscure sites. The ABC app is safe, but I cannot vouch for any others you may run across.)

This list contains enough movies, and shows to keep anyone busy for a very long time.

Happy watching! 😀

Does anyone have any more to add to this list?

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