Ways To Make Fast Cash

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There are some ways you can make some fast cash so that you can buy groceries:

• Sell your blood/plasma. Find out if your area, or a larger city near you has a facility /www.dciplasma.com/donors_find.html that will pay you for your plasma. Here in my town you can make about $175 per month donating your plasma, but I believe you get paid each time you donate (weekly). They may have age and health restrictions so call and check and also find out how they pay you.

• Do you have any silver, gold, or platinum laying around? Maybe it’s jewelry, or silverware, or an old tea set that belonged to your great grandmother. Gather it together and take it to your local gold buying dealer. Do not hesitate to shop at two or 3 places to get the best price, either. Be sure to check out their web site to see if they offer a coupon that will give you additional money if what you bring them is over a certain value (Example: Earn an additional $10 when your gold, silver, etc., is valued over $100)

• Do you have some items in the house that still have the sales tags on them (clothing)? Most stores today will take the item back without a receipt. The store might not give you cash back, but you’ll have a store card to use and hopefully the item/s were purchased, from a store that carries food.

• What about scrap metal – copper, aluminum (from cans), steel? Your local scrap metal yard will pay by weight for these things and more.

• This may not be immediate cash, but look around your home and see what you can sell on craigslist, or the Facebook Buy, Trade, Sell page for your town. (Keep it for sale locally so you don’t have to spend money to ship the item or include the cost of shipping in the price of the item.)

• If you live in a place that permits yard/garage sales, gather some items from your home and sell them. If you don’t live in a place that permits yard/garage sales, perhaps there’s an area in your town where you’ve seen people along the roadside selling things. Box up some of your things and bring them to one of those locations to sell.

• Some towns have flea markets. Rent a space at your local flea market to sell your items.

Do you have any additional tips on places people can get food now, today or other ways to make some fast cash? Please share them in the comments section.

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